A Body Shape Index (ABSI) Calculator

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Use this value to determine if you have an above or below average mortality rate.
Click the compare link, and lookup your ABSIz score in the chart on the left.
The lower your ABSIz score, the lower your mortality rate.
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This ABSI Calculator was developed by Jason Buberel <jason@buberel.org>. NOTE: The developer is not a member of the research team, and is not a medical doctor.
For questions about the use of ABSI in medical practice, please contact the study author, N. Krakauer.

For help in measuring your waist circumference, you can download this handy PDF.

Based on research by NY Krakauer and JC Krakauer published in PLoS One.

Version 2012.08.26: Now includes ABSIz score and instructions on how to compare your score.
Version 2012.08.11: Metric units support.
Version 2012.07.28: Include information on age/gender average and standard deviation. Auto-recalculation.
Version 2012.07.25: Bug fix in the calculation, based on feedback from Doug Hahn. Thanks Doug!